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The best

It used to be the better lab app, it is even better now. Thanks

The best

Probably the best lab values guide for the iPad. Very practical.

Good app

Its a great app I just would like to recommend to include the option for the user create their own test panels, for example, I could create a thyroid test panel and choose the exams I would like or create something like anemia investigation panel. Hope that you can include this feature. Thanks


Ive bought other lab apps, but this app has got great lab information with amazing user interface. easily the best in its category. great work! MY LIFE HAS BECOME SO MUCH Simplerr !!! I can refer to it any time....i just absolutely love this application.....THANK YOU !!!


Please fix the bugs that makes this worthwhile app crash on startup. Previously worked well!

Constant crashing

Always crashing - cant even launch the program, even with the newest update. Im on the newest ipad running ios7.

Crashes upon start up!

Cant even run, just crashes. Tried re-installing and even repurchasing. Where is the app support??


Well done and useful

Almost perfect

Its the best medical app Ive found until now! Some values dont have the differential diagnosis for the low values, add them and its perfectly complete!

Super App!!!

Really well made!!!The best but 4 stars because no italian language!! When an italian version??Please Answer!!!:))

It doesnt work!

Despite the updates it doesnt work! Immediatelly after opening It crashes.

The best med app


Perfect and very useful!

Great app if youre studying or working. Highly recommended!

One of my Favorites!

This app was incredibly helpful to me when I went through PA school - especially during my internal med rotation. I love that it provides clear, concise information about each lab test, and gives ddxs based on the results. This is one app that I will never delete!

Consultant Pharmacist

I consult Acute Care, SNF & ICF, this App is in my iPad for quick reference. It has been reliable & up to date source of information which gives me confidence to write consult.

I absolutely love this app!

Its perfect from start to finish. Very inclusive, discusses all the need-to-knows, very intelligently. Smooth execution and navigation. Its nice and fun to look at, nice design. First class app! My only aside is that some of the explanation lists for out of range values should be reviewed. I think I found one or two that were not as complete as others or didnt include an explanation of high/low values. Sorry, dont remember which test it was for. Good work verbal, thanks!

NP/ Educator

Great site! Not only can you find all the labs and their ranges but the hi/low feature helps with diagnostics as well. And no "@&))@ pop up adds! Thank you.

Great reference app for students and professionals!

I was surprised at the the number and detail put into this app.

User friendly

Great app. The info I need in a succinct and easy to navigate format.

Very nice app!

Well organized and complete.

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